Cryogenic cleaning solution

Effective, fast, on-the-spot dry ice blasting solution. Advanced maintenance and treatment solution. Make it cost-effective and choose a sustainable solution.

What is dry ice blasting?

Dry ice blasting is an environmentally friendly cleaning technique that uses dry ice projected onto the surfaces to be cleaned in a stream of compressed air. This method cleans gently thanks to thermal shock, eliminating all dirt without damaging the surface to be treated and without leaving any residue.

B-CRYOJET nettoyage cryogénique
B-CRYOJET dry ice blasting

How dry ice blasting works

The cryogenic cleaning technique is effective thanks to the thermal shock produced by dry ice at -78°C in contact with the surface. This thermal shock guarantees instantaneous detachment of pollution.

Kinetic energy

Dry ice blasting involves blasting accelerated dry ice using compressed air and specially designed nozzles at supersonic speeds. The dry ice pellets are thrown onto the layer to be removed.

Thermal shock

The extreme cold of the dry ice pellets makes the dirt layer brittle, allowing a tiny break between the dirt layer and the backing, which contracts as it cracks.


When the dry ice sublimates instantly, it increases nearly 800 times in volume, causing the layer to be removed to burst.

Dry ice cleaning offers many application possibilities.

A suitable cleaning solution for various industries and a multitude of applications.

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