Canine Detection

Canine bedbug detection is a method used to detect the presence of these harmful insects. It involves the use of specially trained dogs called bed bug detection dogs. These dogs have a keen sense of smell and are trained to spot the distinctive odor emitted by bed bugs.

When a detector dog is brought into a space, it passes through the area in question, sniffing for different places that may harbor bed bugs, such as mattresses, cracks in walls, or other hidden places. If the dog detects the presence of odors specific to bed bugs, it usually signals this to its trainer by adopting a particular behavior.

Why involve a dog?

The rigorous training of detector dogs makes them reliable and accurate in detecting bed bugs. Their ability to identify infestations early can help prevent the problem from spreading further.

Using a dog to detect bedbugs is a quick, precise, and non-invasive approach that capitalizes on the exceptional sensory abilities of dogs to spot infestations effectively.

Professional and experienced dog handler

Reliable diagnosis and independent

Chien formé

Effective and appropriate eradication

Why choose us

Our commitment to bedbug detection is validated by independent specialists, ensuring impartial recognition.

Le centre de formation spécialisé, entraîne nos chiens toute l’année. Faire appel à un chien pour la détection des punaises de lit représente une approche rapide, précise et non invasive, exploitant les incroyables capacités sensorielles des chiens. Cette démarche souligne notre engagement envers la qualité et la fiabilité dans la détection des infestations de punaises de lit.

A word from the vet

Dogs have a sense of smell 1000 times more powerful than that of humans due to their larger nasal cavities and a higher number of olfactory cells.

Dog breeds show variations in their olfactory abilities, with brachycephalic breeds showing reduced abilities due to specific anatomical characteristics. Dogs are distinguished by a lower threshold of sensitivity and an ability to differentiate between components within the same odor, making them exceptionally accurate in olfactory detection, including the detection of bedbugs.

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