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B-CRYOJET MAROC offers innovative ecological cryogenic cleaning solutions. We offer dry ice cleaning services, as well as state-of-the-art equipment and products to meet all your needs.

Our products and services are dedicated to both professionals and individuals. We put our expertise at your disposal to guarantee efficient and environmentally friendly cleaning.


Dry ice cleaning

Dry ice blasting is an innovative method of cleaning that uses dry ice to remove contaminants from surfaces without leaving chemical or liquid residue. This method is fast, efficient and environmentally friendly.

Dry ice blasting is used in many sectors such as food, pharmaceutical, aeronautics, automotive, electronics, art cleaning and building maintenance.This method is particularly suitable for industries where health and safety are major concerns. It also allows quick and efficient cleaning of molds and production tools in the manufacturing industry.

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Dry ice blasting

Cleaning solution based on dry ice use. This process smoothly cleans and degreases all types of contamination with no residue and no damage to the treated surface.

An innovative solution that guarantees gains in quality, time, and money.

Dry ice blasting is used in various sectors of activity including industry, aeronautics, agribusiness, construction, etc.



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Interlocking Pavers Cleaning

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Motorcycle cleaning

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Cleaning Electrical Cabinets

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